Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chapter 24 - Sightseeing in Vienna, Part 2

Just thought I'd show some pictures of buildings and other things that caught my eye.

I love the way a lot of buildings wrap around the
corner. I'd love to live in a flat that has one
of those round rooms. What a view!

This is a street near Stephanplatz. A lot of local
artists sell drawings of Vienna buildings.

Note the statues on top of the building.

Another of those wrap-around-the-corner buildings,
but look at the carving of the Greek-style vase.

Everywhere you look you can see these huge bronze statues.

Two big buildings near the Rosengarten.

There are sidewalk cafes on many streets.

I love the building in the middle.

A beautiful bronze fountain. Note the balcony on
the building across the street. Many apartment
buildings have businesses on the ground floor.
Wouldn't you love this view from your living room?

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